The Murder of Roger Ackroyd


A retired private detective, a murder, and blackmail; one small town is shaken as the truth unfolds. A man, stabbed to death in his study with a weapon from his collection. A mysterious phone call the caller denies making. A widow facing blackmail following her husband’s death. Something is happening in King's Abbot, England; there’s a murderer afoot. Hercule Poirot, a retired private detective, agrees to come out of retirement and pursue the case. Who killed Ackroyd? Clues turn up, secrets unfold, and a twisted tale reveals itself. No one can be trusted when everyone is a suspect. Can Poirot learn the truth and find a killer before they kill again? Or will the layers of this case bury him in a landslide? With a twist ending you won’t see coming, this mystery will keep you turning pages until the very end! Scroll up and buy your copy now!

UpplÀsare: Bill Jacobson