The Nightmare Game: A LitRPG Horror


A thief on a mission to save his sister. An ambitious demon masquerading as an artificial intelligence. A game designed to shatter the minds of the people who play it. When Ramzan steals from the Chechnyan Mafia to create a better life for his sister, he knows he’s pissing off the wrong people. They want their money, and they’ve created a diabolical method of extracting information from their enemies. Full Immersion Virtual Reality sounds great, until he learns the horrors this incredible technology can cook up. Now, he must keep his wits up and his sanity points high as he battles hordes of fearsome abominations on his quest to escape. Zombies, lycanthropes, slime monsters, and more stand in his way, controlled by a devious programmer that doesn’t play fair. Can Ramzan protect his secrets and maintain his sanity against this psychological onslaught? Will he succumb to the terror, and become the monster he set out destroy? He’s gotta stay sharp, and he’s gotta stay sane, if he has a hope of escaping.... The Nightmare Game System: the original MMORPG murder, mutilation, offensive, repulsive player game.