The Parables: Understanding What Jesus Taught


How does the Gospel communicate the eternal truth? Jesus was perhaps the world’s greatest storyteller because his sometimes-surprising parables conveyed timeless truths. While modern expressions of truth often reflect scientific frameworks, the ancient world just as powerfully expressed crucial truths through parables—stories that illustrate a truth by expressing it as fiction. In this exceptional lecture series, you will explore how Jesus used this teaching method to preach the Good News and address vital issues in society. You will journey through the most beloved parables: the Prodigal Son, the Rich Man and Lazarus, the Lost Sheep, and many more. As you do so, you will come to understand the message of the Gospel as never before. As Fr. Raymond Collins praises, "Andrea Molinari and Jack Conroy breathe new life into the parables of Jesus." You will take two Scripture experts as your guides for delving into the Word of God. Under their guidance, you will examine the literary and historical context of the ancient texts that incorporate parables. After exploring a selection of illuminating parables in the Old Testament and documents outside of the biblical canon, you will dive into the New Testament, looking at 12 of the most powerful and enduring parables told by Jesus. You will ask two essential questions: “What does the parable say?” and, “What does the parable mean?” As you move through these lectures, you will more fully understand the teaching of Jesus and engage the Word of God in your daily life.