The Plattner Story

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The Plattner Story by H. G. Wells - ...Two of the boys, gesticulating, walked one after the other clean through him! Neither manifested the slightest consciousness of his presence. We believe that this story, by our well-known author, which was written some years ago, constitutes the forerunner of all later stories in which the Fourth Dimension played a great role. Wells somehow has been captivated by the idea that there is such a thing as a fourth or higher plane. He does not seem to have changed his mind about this, for while the present story of his also brings in, again, a higher plane, supposedly existing alongside of our own. The Plattner Story is an extraordinarily well-written scientifiction tale, and is plausible as well as easily understandable, and will particularly appeal to those whose ideas of the Fourth Dimension are rather hazy.

UpplÀsare: Scott Miller