The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening


The New York Times bestselling series! The first book in L.J. Smith’s New York Times bestselling Vampire Diaries series, the basis of the hit CW TV show starring Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder. Elena Gilbert is a high school golden girl, used to getting what she wants. And who she wants. But when the boy she’s set her sights on—the handsome and haunted Stefan—isn’t interested, she’s confused. She could never know the real reason Stefan is struggling to resist her: Stefan is a vampire, and Elena’s in danger just by being around him. What’s more, Stefan’s dark, dangerous vampire brother Damon has just arrived in town. And wherever Damon goes, trouble always follows. Fans of The Vampire Diaries TV show will find this book packed with the same kind of heart-stopping suspense, fierce romances, and jaw-dropping surprises that they know and love, all brought to life by New York Times bestselling author L.J. Smith.

UpplÀsare: Rebecca Mozo


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Jag har sett hela serien och lÀser boken nu och den Àr vÀldigt bra



Synd att det inte Àr samma story som i Stefans diary.



I thought this book would be better than it was but it feels so i dont know how to say it but a little old fashioned. I thought it would be a more modern way of presenting a vampire, but it is as twilight the old simple tales and makes the vampire sound so cliche