The Wisdom of the East: Buddhist Scriptures


This book is a short collection of excerpts from Buddhist scripture, selected by an expert in the field. It includes several stories drawn from the Buddhas' life, including past lives from the Jataka. Contents: The Dream of Queen Māyā The Birth of Gotama The Four Signs The Great Renunciation The Chain of Causation The Beginning of Buddha's Preaching The Ordination of Yasa The Ten Commandments The Fire Discourse The Weaver's Daughter The Questions of Mālunkyāputta The Questions of Uttiya The Questions of Vacchagotta Birth-Story of the Blessings of the Commandments Birth-Story of King Mahāsīlava Birth-Story of the City with Four Gates The Pig-Faced Ghost The Jewel Discourse. A Spell Dhaniya The Herdsman Buddha's Visit To Chunda The Death of Buddha The Non-Existence of Individuality Non-Individuality and Moral Responsibility