War Heroes of Japan: The Great Battles of WW1 and WW2


Two devastating wars changed the face of humanity forever. Discover the crucial role Japan played in these events and why some facts about their involvement are still hidden all these years later. Japan had a special military force and ideology that led it to become one of the strongest imperial powers of the world. Their efforts had taken them far and wide, but who were the people behind such victories, and what were their roles in the wars? In War Heroes of Japan: The Great Battles of WW1 and WW2, you will discover: 20+ riveting biographies of Japanese war heroes that led the country down the warpaths -- meet the people behind the glorious victories, and terrible massacres The truth about the attack on Pearl Harbor and what led a lot of experts to believe the Japanese were forced to start the raid Controversial and sensitive war events no one talks about -- we’re breaking all the barriers to reveal the hidden historical truths The historical battles of Japan from the era of modernization until the end of World War II -- discover an action-packed historical narrative of some of the most important (and ingenious) military battles A guide on Japan’s geopolitics that explains its nationalism, expansion, and the relationship between the military and the government What kind of political relationships Japan has with its neighbors, and how internal conflicts affect its position in the war A breakdown of Japan’s military strategies to give you tremendous insight into the country’s military power And much more
 The events of the two world wars are largely known, but there are still some “better left alone” topics. You deserve the truth about what happened over the span of 30 years when nations burned and millions of people were killed. Get ready to be mind blown by this first book in the series of Japanese War History.

UpplÀsare: Steve King