Waste of a Life


Declutterer Ellen Curtis has been working to bring order into the life of Cedric Waites, a recluse in his eighties who hasn't left his house or let anyone inside it since his wife died. On one of her regular visits, Ellen finds the old man dead. It's sad but, given his age, perhaps not unexpected, and nothing to get worked up about...until the police raise the suspicion that Cedric might have been poisoned! The cause seems be something he ate, and since Ellen cleared away the old man's food containers, she is under suspicion. As is Dodge, who works for Ellen and has unhelpfully done a runner and disappeared... Meanwhile, Ellen's life has taken on a chaotic turn of its own: a rival declutterer is out to sabotage her reputable business, her two grown-up children are back home and in crisis, and she has a potential love interest. Can she uncover the killer and bring order back to her own life?

UpplÀsare: Simon Brett