Wizardoms: Legend of Shadowmar


Discover a legend in the making. Jerrell Landish, the greatest thief in the eight wizardoms. When presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, young and arrogant Jerrell Landish cannot refuse. Teamed with a renowned warrior, he embarks on a quest hundreds of adventurers have attempted. None ever returned. His mission: Locate a legendary castle, defeat the guardian protecting it, and obtain the treasure hidden within. If only he knew what lurked in the castle ruins. If only he understood the dangerous nature of the treasure he sought to claim. ________________________________________________________________ The Legend of Shadowmar novella is a fun, complete story that gives readers a taste of the world of Wizardoms. The entire 6-book Fate of Wizardoms series is now available for audiobook listeners world wide, all narrated by award-winning talent Travis Baldree.

UpplÀsare: Travis Baldree