Unofficial Cookbook Gift Series

Time to get your fill of the four main food groups—candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup—with these 75 sweet recipes inspired by the beloved holiday film Elf. Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite…snack food? Whether you’re preparing for a long journey to meet long lost family or trying to impress that special someone with the world’s best cup of coffee, The Unofficial Elf Cookbook is here to keep your hunger at bay. From appetizers and main dishes to refreshing drinks and holiday-worthy desserts, this book features 75 delicious recipes inspired by the holiday classic Elf. Try recipes like: -Narwhal Cheese Balls: This tasty, crowd-pleasing treat is inspired by an adorable character—who can resist? -“It’s Not Free Candy” Gum: DIY your own edible version with the help of some taffy -Cotton Balls: These cotton candy snacks will have you acting just like Buddy at the doctor’s office -And much more! Perfect for nostalgic Elf fans looking to recreate that Christmas cheer or families that are sharing the movie together for the very first time, The Unofficial Elf Cookbook has all the recipes you need to make a Buddy the Elf–approved meal!