Are You Still Mad? Level 2: with audio recording

Livre numérique

What do you do when you have a disagreement with your best friend?

Anna and Sonya are best friends and love to play together, but after they have a disagreement about how to play, Anna says she never wants to play with Sonya again. Anna tried to play dolls by herself, but her doll's best friend is at Sonya's house. Anna goes to the park by herself, but it's not all that fun with out someone to see-saw with. When Anna sees Sonya riding her bike alone, she asks her if she wants to jump rope together. After playing together again, Anna realizes it's more fun to play together than to stay mad. Great for sparking conversations about friendship and conflict resolution. Includes a note to parents with tips on how to encourage reading and on how to help your child learn to read. Also included is a list of words to "point and read" to help young readers learn new words. As each word is read by a narrator words are highlighted on the screen. Sounds effects are also included.