Hypnotic Gastric Band: A Meditation Collection for Rapid Weight Loss


What if you could visualize yourself to a better you? Seeing changes on the outside starts inside. More specifically, it starts in the mind. If you are looking to shed pounds the healthy way, this collection of gastric band visualization meditations will help you do just that.

This bundle includes three gastric band meditations designed to help you lose weight naturally.

The meditations can help you:

‱ Crave Smaller Portions

‱ Choose Healthier Food

‱ Lose Weight Faster

You can achieve your weight loss goals by first starting with your mind. Visualization has been proven to have life changing effects for those who utilize its power. Add this visualization meditation collection to your toolbox for a powerful effect on your subconscious.

Listen when you will not be operating heavy machinery and will not be interrupted.

This bundle is brought to you by Kameta Media, a brand committed to the idea that every person has the power and ability to evolve in ways they never thought possible.