Ethical Power

Do you ever wish you were better at reading people? Do you want to understand the people around you and why they do what they do? Do you want to be a better leader, teacher, or influencer? This audiobook has the answers you're looking for! Learn to communicate more effectively, understand the people you're communicating with, and improve your relationships by learning how to read every person you encounter. Individuals who can read people effectively are better leaders, better partners, and better role models. Learn what makes people act the way they do and how to figure it out scientifically, without relying on gut and instinct. Learn to tell when the person you're talking to is content, relaxed, annoyed, tense, or angry. Learn not only how to make these key observations, but when and how to act on them for better results. This book will also identify all the common mistakes, misconceptions, and wrongful assumptions people have about others around them so that you can avoid and overcome these obstacles in your own life. In this audiobook we'll explore: Verbal communication Non-verbal communication Body language Signs of attraction How to spot a liar and recognize false statements How to radiate confidence How to understand facial expressions and gestures Working through this book will quickly and reliably improve your ability to "spot the lie," identify other people's hidden intents and motivations, and understand people on a new level. If you want to read people like a pro and use that information for success, this is where you need to start! What are you waiting for? Improve your "people skills" and start succeeding today by purchasing this audibook! Scroll up and buy this audiobook now!