How to Respect Yourself Coaching & Meditations Assertiveness & confidence : Be authentic, self-care, honor your energies, empowerment brave, draw healthy boundary, know your worth, high self-esteem


Self-respect is one of the underrated virtue in our world. We often neglect our needs opinions and authenticity. We try hard to fit into the world or gain approval from others. Sometimes we even feel guilty in horning our energies boundaries and values.

When we respect ourselves, we acknowledge that we are worthy of receiving love abundance. This is a true level of self-love. We do not allow others to define our values and values

In this course, we will

Learn to say no Draw healthy boundary Honor our energy body emotions Stay in empowerment Know your true value Let go of what other peoples think Know that you are good enough And much more

When you start to respect yourself, others around you will treat you the same way. We give permission for others to love and honor us as who we truly are.

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