The Catholic Faith : An Introduction to the Creeds


Like most things we take for granted, the Catholic Creeds have an amazing story—actually a lot of stories. What seem a simple prayers or statementa of faith have fascinating origins. And there is a reason each Creed is so precisely worded the way it is, each word having been fought over with great passion: the Creeds had to be worded just right. This little book is an introduction to the struggles and heresies concerning the truth, as well as the men who fought to hand it down to us. The Catholic Faith: An Introduction to the Creeds discusses important questions like these:

Why are they called "Creeds," and how were they used in the early Church? What were the fights, debates and struggles involved in hammering out the Creeds? Why do Christians have a formal statement of their beliefs when other world religions don’t? Are the words and concepts of the Creeds found in Scripture, and if so, where? What is the one most crucial, fought-over, and non-biblical word in the Nicene Creed? What are the four important “marks” of the true Church that distinguish it from sects and denominations? What is the significance of the Creeds' emphasis on the bodily resurrection? Also included are fascinating facts, historical development, arguments for defending the faith, a biblical summary, and much more!

Knowing the story behind the Creeds brings to life our fascinating history and beliefs. This book introduces the Creeds as both a prayer and a personal commitment. Here you have the summary of Catholic doctrine in a nutshell: easy to read, memorize, and practice.