Dr. Sebi Diet & Treatments: Body Detox, Disease Prevention, Gastric Band Hypnosis With Alkaline Foods And Herbs By Dr. Sebi


If You’re Looking to Burn Fat While Detoxing Your Body and Preventing Disease, then Keep Reading! Now that you’re staying home most of the time, you’re most likely more inactive than ever. You no longer have enough room to walk around or exercise properly. And, let’s face it, the isolation has affected your energy levels.

Research has shown that since stay-at-home orders started, more and more people are succumbing to unhealthy lifestyles. Whether it’s sitting on the couch all day, or exclusively eating take-out, your overall wellness is taking a massive hit.

Good thing there’s “Dr. Sebi Diet & Treatments” by Damian Carner!

This is your go-to guide for effective body detox and disease prevention! PLUS, get field-tested insights about gastric band hypnosis and maximize weight loss results!

With this game-changing guide, you will:

Learn about acid-forming foods so you can efficiently avoid them Get a full body detox and achieve longevity, prevent disease, and reduce tension and infection Boost your immune system and energy, and build muscle mass Effectively plan out your protein Maximize the Dr. Sebi Diet with amazing supplements that double its benefits Find out what common mistakes people make so you can avoid them Losing weight is hard. But, if you make the right choice and buy “Dr. Sebi Diet & Treatments”, you’ll see results in no time!

What makes this book special is how it simplifies even the most technical terms. This way, you’re able to absorb all key information that will pave the way toward a healthier, sexier you!

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