Englishman in Bohol: A Filipino Woman


Englishman in Bohol A Filipino Woman It is about - recounting my on-line search for a mate to carry me through the last few years my life. It is about - the result, delight, excitement and fulfillment of eventually finding My Heart's Desire in the Philippines. It is about - starting a new life in my seventies with a Filipino beauty in her 30's It is about - sex with my Filipino. Having her on her knees. Playing with her in the shower. How she uses her tongue to excite me. It is about - our life together surmounting the hurdles of covid-19, It is about - experiencing one of the worst Typhoons in recent memory. It is about - rebuilding our life after the storm. It is about - a beautiful Filipino Woman who delights me and satisfies my hunger for those things female that I crave for, as do most red blooded men. It is about - my life rejuvenated.