She-Hulk goes to Murderworld: A Marvel: Multiverse Missions Adventure Gamebook


Embark on an adventure with She-Hulk to uncover a sinister plot from destroying the world where your choices ‚Äď and chance ‚Äď drive the story When She-Hulk decides to represent old foe Ruby Thursday, who swears she is being framed for murder, she must overcome her bias to prove Ruby‚Äôs innocence. Her investigation leads her into a conspiracy involving tech companies wielding insurmountable powers‚Ķ and yet who are all mysteriously dying like flies. While trying to get Ruby out on bail, She-Hulk discovers a mysterious Expo being held in L.A., but a swarm of zany villains have been sent to slow her down. But for She-Hulk, nothing will stand in the way of true justice ‚Äď even if it means facing an insane villain who believes mazes and games should only end one way: in Murderworld.