You Are (Not) Deadpool: A Marvel: Multiverse Missions Adventure Gamebook


Deadpool forces you to defeat predictability (and sure, some crime lords along the way) through mini-games and puzzles in this new adventure gamebook with Marvel‚Äôs ‚ÄúMerc with a Mouth‚ÄĚ

Things seem weird, even by Deadpool‚Äôs standards, when Matt ‚ÄúDaredevil‚ÄĚ Murdock offers him a profitable ‚Äď nay, straightforward! ‚Äď contract. No chaos, no unpredictability, no funny business‚Ķ C‚Äômon, Murdock, that‚Äôs just not Deadpool‚Äôs style. Sensing something is up, Deadpool grabs an innocent bystander off the street to confuse any semblance of predictability the universe is trying to force on him. Good-hearted mischief spirals into a sinister plot full of impenetrable bank vaults, crime lords stroking their (lack of) mustaches in very evil ways, and an assortment of offensively stylish suits that are begging to be blown up, Deadpool discovers his choices are no longer his own ‚Äď they‚Äôre yours!