A practical young lady and a shy curate, united by books - but he’s in love with the wrong sister!

A traditional Regency romance, drawing room rather than bedroom.

Belle is the plain one of the six Allamont sisters, happy with her books. When their father dies suddenly, his will leaves large dowries for his six daughters, but only if they marry in the proper order, the eldest first. With Amy betrothed, now Belle must find a husband. Reluctant to parade herself at balls and card parties, she intends to accept the offer of her cousin, James, a pragmatic but loveless choice on both sides.

Mr Burford is the village curate, enchantedly in love with the youngest Allamont sister, Hope. His income is not enough to support a wife, but he is content to wait, perhaps for years, before he dares to contemplate a betrothal. But fate and poetry and the gentle tendrils of friendship combine to overturn these careful plans, and throw their lives into confusion.

Book 2 of the 6-book series The Daughters of Allamont Hall. Each book is a complete story with a HEA, but read them all to find out all the secrets of Allamont Hall!

Oppleser: Joanna Stephens