10 Ways to Stay Broke...Forever


You have no savings or investments and you havent even thought about retirement! But hey, you have a new car, a beautiful new house and enough power suits to last you until youre 100 years old. Plus, if you still have plenty of available credit, who cares about the bottom line when life is this good? That feeling of being on top is something only money can buy. After all, money is made to be spent and you earned it...right? Okay, wrong! If theres anything that feels amazing, its financial security, and that means knowing you have money in the bank. The ultimate luxury is not a new car, designer wardrobe or scarlet-soled shoes; its savings pure and simple. Money in the bank is power, possibility and opportunity and what could be better than that? Its a good question, and one that many people arent forced to consider until its too late. Check out the top ways you can keep the charade going and stay broke! Yes, BROKE! And get lots of straight talk and adv

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