Accepting the Abyss (The Abyss Trilogy Book 3)


She stopped the angels and demons. But now the Devil appears with an offer she has to refuse. Aubrey had never dreamed that she would feel such joy. She has a family, friends, and is falling in love. She’s even mended her relationship with the rebels. Together they’re changing the way abilities are viewed.

But then the Devil offers her a deal; to choose her own happiness over the life of an innocent. Lucifer is charming, compelling, but not to be trusted. Neither are many of those Aubrey has grown to care about.

Aubrey has more to lose than ever before. Will she find a path to save humanity, or do all choices lead to the end?

Accepting the Abyss is book 3 in a YA fantasy trilogy filled with complex characters and demonic powers, set in a dystopian world with a beautiful balance of hope and despair.

UpplÀsare: Kae Marie Denino