Don't Go to Sleep 2: MORE Tales to Keep You UP Plus Bonus


This work contains the same stories as "Don't Go to Sleep: Tales to Keep You UP," but with 4 more stories of absolute horror. Don’t go to sleep. These 12 tales of terror will surely haunt your dreams. No one awakens from their dark embrace. If your nightmares are not filled with a child murderer and a reanimated, murderous corpse, you will never find rest from the deadly secrets of the past, dismemberment, cannibalism, life after death, body-snatching spirits, or being buried alive. Sleep, if you dare. Run, if you can. You will never be safe again. Hideous: The Revenants The Masquerade of Death The Ring The Veil Sometimes, They Want Revenge The Sins of the Past The Curse of Mary Rawling The Firstfruits of the Flesh The Diary of Heather Summerall and the Evil of Adams House The Hatchet Man You Can't Hide from Your Past The Doll And the bonus audio book - Lamashtu: The Blooding (Not included in other versions of this audio book.)