Down & Dirty Supernatural Cleaning Services Boxset Books 1-3: Grave New World, Grime and Punishment, A Farewell to Charms


This boxset includes the prequel novella and books 1-3 in the Down & Dirty Supernatural Cleaning Services, a paranormal mystery series! Grave New World I'm Paige Harper, and I clean up supernatural messes. But my personal life is a problem. I accidentally married a fae, and even though we're divorced he still manages to land me in hot water by putting my house on the table at a high stakes poker game. Now, he's been arrested for murder. I don't know if he did it or not. But I do know he needs to be at that poker game. I turn to Nico, a one-eyed werewolf private detective, for help. Nico is a handsome, dangerous ladies man, and I have no intention of falling prey to his charms. Grime & Punishment The only thing worse than a serial killer that hates you, is a serial killer that likes you. The only upside is that Nico has assigned himself as my personal bodyguard. He gets me hot, but I'm done with bad boys. I've got to make things work with a nice human guy. I'm juggling a new cleaning job at a supernatural brothel and trying to hunt down a kidnapped baby. Can I manage work, romance, and an obsessed serial killer? I can, or I'll die trying. A Farewell to Charms Sex sells...for everyone except the person cleaning up after it! Charms is half gambling den, half brothel, and 100 percent of my income. When Charms gets robbed, the ogre madame can't pay me, cover her bribes, or keep her teenage daughter in-line. I'm in charge of fixing all these things—while trying to figure out if the guy I'm dating is a serial killer. Nico is on the case, too. He gets under my skin, and has made it clear he wouldn't mind getting under my clothes. It's a lot of balls to keep in the air, but it's a juggling act I've got to ace, or else it's farewell to Charms, my livelihood, and maybe even my life.

UpplÀsare: Carrie Coello