Exploring the Ignatian Examen of Consciousness


Explore the nearly 500-year-old Ignatian Examen with one of the world’s leading Jesuit experts and experience its direct relevance to your life today. The Ignatian Examen is a daily renewal of your relationship with the loving God. The Examen comes from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola and has a deep history in the Ignatian tradition. Today, we have received the Ignatian Examen as a prayer of consciousness of the divine partnership God holds out to us. Now, Georgetown University’s Rev. Howard, Gray, S.J., invites you to discover the significance of the Examen in your daily life. Through 12 audio lectures, you will explore the Ignatian Examen as a way to honor the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the companionship of Jesus Christ, and the sustaining love of the Father. This series is ideal for both newcomers and those who practice and teach the Ignatian spiritual tradition. These twelve lectures will focus primarily on the General Examen, or the Examen of Consciousness, which provides a reflective, contemplative overview of how God works in one’s day-to-day life. The General Examen contains five “steps” that combine prayer, reflection, and examination. These exercises can be made at your own pace—daily, weekly, or monthly—to help you deepen your spirituality and discover God in all things. With Rev. Gray as your guide, you will discover authentic and richer understanding of the General Examen as a contemplative form of prayer. Join him today. (Photo by P.K.)

UpplÀsare: Howard Gray