Funny Bunny Hunts The Horn Bug: A Max Royster Mystery


To catch a sex killer targeting Upper East Side beauties, NYPD Officer Max Royster goes undercover...as an NYPD cop! The Upper East Side of Manhattan is one of the richest neighborhoods in the world. But Max Royster, a maverick, outspoken and erudite NYPD foot cop, who grew up working-class in this tony area, calls it “the Playpen.” Money protects the bluebloods in this area like the bars on an infant’s playpen. Late one night, patrolling wealthy brownstones, he sees a burglar attacking a rich actress. Max chases him. They fight but the burglar escapes. The burglar is a sexual predator, known in cop-speak as a “Horn Bug”. For losing the suspect, Max’s captain deems Max “a Funny Bunny,” too unstable for police work. He strips Max of his gun and badge, then orders Max into Bellevue Hospital for observation and maybe for the rest of his life. Without any tools or support, Max has ten days to stop this Horn Bug.

UpplÀsare: Paul Birchard