Know-It-Alls! Predators: Growing Minds with Music


Know-It-Alls! Predators is a unique science series that puts the spotlight on “Wolves”, “Crocodiles”, “Predators”, and “Dinosaurs”.

Kids will learn that a wolf can pick up the scent of an animal from a mile (1.6km) away and that crocodiles do not chew their food. Who says science is boring? With this Know-It-Alls! collection kids will learn about the black panther, tiger, wolf, sea otter, mamba snake, praying mantis, spider, scorpion, killer whale, great white shark, and the bald eagle! Kids will also learn about prehistoric creatures like the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex.

Perfect for the young science enthusiast, “Predators” includes over 45 minutes of adventure and learning, which will encourage listening and early literacy skills important for young readers! With this perfect combination of education and entertainment, kids and parents will enjoy these captivating, fact-filled stories!

UpplÀsare: Walt Wise