Rebirth (Rogues Shifter Series Book 1)


Jackie Crawford never felt human. Mystery solved.

My senses are sharp, my body is sleek, my speed is turbo powered. Shifter. I’m a shifter. A creature I didn’t know existed until a few days ago. Two forms, one mind, a magical being. Everything finally makes sense.

As I settle into my supernatural self, my human half is growing stronger alongside my beautiful animal. Danger stalks this unfamiliar world – fae, vampire, wolf, witch - and as it is with humans, not every strange creature is evil. Garrett, my vampire trainer, has placed me with a team of rogue shifters, teaching me to fight, to use my magic to protect, to be all that I was meant to be. Ley line energy fuels my spirit along with my magic. I’ve survived worse. I can do this. Bring it on

Garrett is my biggest challenge, but he and his secrets don’t stand a chance against this determined cheetah.

"I can't stop listening to this series. It's loaded with humor, all kinds of supernatural characters, and romance too. Reba Buhr brings these characters to life."

Rogues Shifter Series on audiobook: Book 1: Rebirth, Book 2: Stalked, Book 3: Twisted, Book 4: Blown Away, Book 5: Caught Between, Book 6: Torn Apart, Book 7: Cut Off, Book 8: Blood Spelled, Book 9: At Risk, Book 10 releasing in 2021.

UpplÀsare: Reba Buhr