Short Bedtime Stories For Kids: A Collection Of Bedtime Meditation Tales For Children: Fall Asleep Fast, Reduce Anxiety And Have A Good Relaxing Night's Sleep


“There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep.” - Ralf Waldo Emerson Does your child have a hard time falling asleep? Are you looking for a relaxing, child-friendly way to bond with your kids? Are you interested to calm your child down and improve their imaginary skills? If yes, then this audiobook collection of Bedtime Stories for kids is perfect for you!

In Bedtime Stories for Kids: you're going to discover a collection of interesting stories and mesmerizing characters that will catch the interest of your kids, stimulate their imagination and take their creativity to new heights. As a result you spend quality time with your kids and you support the development of your child.

Created for pre-adolescent children age 2-6 , each story is special and has its own setting and characters. Furthermore these stories are filled with beautiful allegories that will teach powerful life lessons.

Bedtime Stories for Kids: Is suitable for both boys and girls and belongs in every family's audiobook collection. Great for cuddling up with your kids and before closing the eyes for sleep, this audiobook also works perfectly for your kid listening alone and is a perfect holiday gift for your child.

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