The Art of Communication: Your Competitive Edge


Who we are, what we believe, and everything we stand for goes from theory to reality when we communicate.

In The Art of Communication, the first book of the new Jim Stovall and Dr. Ray Hull "Your Ultimate Guide" series for personal development and business success, the authors use their decades of combined experience, research, and natural abilities to powerfully illustrate the specifics of effective communication.

Stovall's revealing stories mixed with Dr. Ray Hull's straightforward, factual approach combine to make this a must-hear for businesspeople, salespeople, entrepreneurs, teachers, pastors, academics, and anyone wanting to improve their lives.

Listen to this book and understand more about:

Considering your audience and adjusting communication style

What your non-verbal communication says about you

Dressing for maximum success

Public speaking

Written words vs. spoken words

Communication through conduct

Active listening

Conflict resolution

Creating a comfortable environment for effective communication

Communicating in meetings

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