The Phantastic Zoo


Join Mary and Tim on this Original Audio Adventure into The Phantastic Zoo!

Featuring the story, voice and cinematic music and sound design of accomplished author, composer and educator, Doctor Christopher Kaufman; the virtuosic flute performances and voice acting of Robert Dick; and the voice talents of Stephanie Erb as the Mermaid and Sofia Rose Kaufman as Mary.The story begins with young Mary and Tim on a Field Trip to the zoo.

At the zoo, they see elephants, exotic, birds and lions! During these exhibits you’ll hear Kaufman’s unique environmental music, where he combines music with natural sounds!

Later the wizard Zitthoona appears, he performs on his magic flute and invites them into his Phantastic Zoo!

In The Phantastic Zoo, they meet mythical beasts and hear their stories, which teach life lessons and give secrets to living life with imagination! THE PHOENIX! THE MERMAID!

THE DRAGON tells the most important secret of all, that Music Magic is Everywhere! Which is the title of beautiful song which ends this audio adventure!

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Kirkus revews

“A warmhearted, encouraging book about the wonders of imagination.

Kaufman gives children a fantastical experience with his collection of magical creatures... The author presents it all in heightened language that helps build a sense of awe... The siblings’ affection for each other is sweetly depicted, as well... (and in the book version) illustrations have the colorful, flat feeling of Matisse paintings, emphasizing the narrative’s air of strange adventure.