The Roommate Situation: A Romantic Comedy


Conor Brady is the hottest man I have ever laid eyes on. Ever. He’s also my new roommate.

In the past few days, I became jobless, homeless, and boyfriendless.

So, I did what any 28-year-old woman with her life together would do: I ran. Far, far away from my life in New York and straight to my big brother’s house in Atlanta.

Only, it turns out that my brother is away on a business trip. And, he failed to tell me that a full-on, godlike hottie—who happens to be a premier house flipper—has taken up residence in the spare bedroom while his enormous new house is being renovated.

There’s a million reasons why I shouldn’t fall for Conor.

But our chemistry is undeniable.

Which means I have a teeny, tiny situation on my hands

The Roommate Situation is a laugh-out-loud funny, swoony, closed door romantic comedy. Expect some mild language and suggestive jokes alongside sizzling hot chemistry and tension you could cut with a knife—all without the explicit scenes.


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SÄ mysig och gulliga upplÀsare! Varm och rolig och lagom mycket av det man kan förvÀnta sig av. Perfekt nÀr man vill ha en feelgood bok



Pretty cute! Nothing super original but enjoyable nontheless



I actually love this book! No third act breakup, no smut, and I just live for their chemistry! Really recommend 😁