The Seeker Under the Influence Collection


Learn all about the chemistry of alcohol, the science of psychedelics and the truth about weed in The Seeker Under the Influence Collection!

Under the Influence: The Chemistry of Booze

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had a little too much to drink at some point, but why do some people black out and others wake up feeling fine the next day? Listen in to this best of Seeker collection and explore the science of alcohol: Does it have health benefits? Does food taste better when you’re drunk? Is vaping alcohol the future?

Tasting Colors: The Good, Bad and Science of Psychedelics

Listen in as Seeker dives in on the fascinating world of psychedelics. From hallucinations, the neurological condition Synesthesia, and the CIA’s secret LSD tests on unsuspecting civilians, to answering weird questions like why we snort things and what makes heroin so deadly. You’ll be seeing sounds and tasting colors by the end of this best of Seeker collection, available for the first time in audio.

Lighting Up: The Truth About Weed

Does smoking weed actually make you lazy? How does THC replace your brain’s neurotransmitters? From the beginnings of where marijuana came from to the future of what a world with legal pot could look like, listen in as Seeker dives in on the fascinating world of marijuana in this short-form audio collection.