The Warden : Victorian Classic


Anthony Trollope's 'The Warden' is a thought-provoking novel that delves into themes of morality, duty, and social class in mid-19th century England. Set in the fictional cathedral town of Barchester, the book follows the ethical dilemma faced by Mr. Harding, the warden of Hiram's Hospital, as he grapples with the conflict between his conscience and societal expectations. Trollope's narrative style is characterized by its satirical wit and keen observation of human nature, making the book a compelling read for those interested in Victorian literature. 'The Warden' is the first novel in Trollope's acclaimed 'Chronicles of Barsetshire' series, known for its rich character development and exploration of ethical dilemmas against a backdrop of provincial English life. Through his incisive storytelling, Trollope invites readers to reflect on the complexities of moral decision-making and the consequences of upholding tradition in the face of change.