Your Laws Mindset Life: Creating Your Laws and Becoming Your Greatest Self


This book will introduce you to the laws and principles that I live by, which have helped me in my pursuit of becoming the greatest version of myself. It will also have my personal stories that have helped me choose a better path. I’m still not at the place that I want to be, but far from where I started when I began this journey. This is a process, and wherever you are in your life, you’ll get insides on how to take it to a new level, with tips and tricks on how I do things, which might help you. This book will have my experiences and exercises that may support you in your life’s journey, if applied and practiced. To fully understand the concepts that I am talking about, I would like to ask you to try to implement these exercises in your life as you are reading them. To learn how to change and how to succeed, you will need to ingrain some new concepts and get rid of some old ones. I know these exercises will help those who are in search of becoming their greatest version of themselves. I’m looking forward to seeing people changing for the better and hope this book will be of great essence, not only for you but for all of the people benefiting because you have become a greater version of yourself. I appreciate your time and your open-mindedness. As you read the laws and practices that I apply in my life, you can start using them immediately and, with the ideas you receive, create your own laws that will help you in yours.

UpplÀsare: Nick Denton