My WOW Wake UP Call™: Volume 1: Self Esteem Messages for Children


My WOW Wake UP Call™ Morning Motivating Messages™ for Children - Volume 1. Now your children can start every day positively! From mother of four, Jennifer Jimenez, and longtime Broadway star, Robin Boudreau Palmer. Volume 1: Waking Up Positively Appreciation Being Kind Courage Do the Right Thing Every Dream Matters Focus on the Positive Giving is Good Honesty Include Everyone Just Believe in Yourself Know that You Are One of a Kind Learn from Your Mistakes Make Good Choices Nurture Friendships How do you start and end your day? Research shows your mind is the most receptive during your first and last 5-minutes of the day, while in Alpha state. Making the most of these most important minutes of your day changes everything in between. Ironically, most people wake up with the buzzer and watch the news before bed. Now you can wake UP happy and sleep well every night! Broadway star, Robin (Boudreau) Palmer invented My Wake UP Call® Motivational Alarm Clock® Messages & My Good Night Messages™, patented, 5-minute messages with renowned experts, which bookend every day with inspiration to live your dreams, when it matters the most. Featured in SHAPE, SELF, USA Today, Fox and NBC TV & Robin's TEDx Talk, "The Most Important Minutes of Your Day." Messages can also be played as Motivational Alarm Clock® Messages and My Good Night Calls™ bedtime reminders with most free alarm apps at the Apple Store, Google Play or with list of recommended apps at http://mywakeupcalls.net/FAQs