Summary of Charles Sainte-Foi's Serious Hours Of A Young Lady

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The most important period of life is that in which we are able to make good use of the present to repair the past and prepare for the future. This period encompasses the advantages of both childhood and adulthood, and it is in this stage that we are most susceptible of receiving the impress of grace and virtue.

#2 If you are young and passionate about doing good, be careful not to let your passions get the better of you. You can easily do good by inflaming your youthful zeal, which age will never dull.

#3 The world has not yet seriously endeavored to withdraw women from the circle to which Providence would have them devote their activity. If it was easy for a young girl to preserve her heart at a tender age from the seductions of the world and the dangerous snares of vanity and pleasure, it is not the case today for several reasons.

#4 The less help you receive from trusted sources, the more you should seek in God and yourself what you look for in vain elsewhere. You may expect to see the number of those saintly souls who can provide advice, support, and light diminish from day to day.