Summary of Paul Wilson's BAD KARMA

Livre numérique

Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book.

Sample Book Insights:

#1 I was a wannabe, and I wanted to be in the cool group. I figured this would be my ticket. I was used as a convenient tool by my roommates, who planned a trip to the mainland. I assured them that my 1966 VW Bus was perfect for the trip.

#2 I had to convince my best friend, Perro, to be an accomplice. He and I had been sworn enemies in middle school, where I was a year ahead of him, but we became blood brothers when he heard me complain about not having a TV and realized we were both poor.

#3 I worked at a supermarket in Coronado, California, that allowed me to sneak in extra supplies to help me on my journey. I would shopping during my regular shifts, depositing a can of this or package of that until both pallets were filled.

#4 I was alone in the store at night, preparing to steal items from the store. I had to raise the door to dump my load into Perro’s truck, which was parked across the street.