Summary of Scott Patterson's Dark Pools

Livre numérique

Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book.

Sample Book Insights:

#1 Bodek, the founder of Trading Machines, was a wizard of data. He had made a career of crunching masses of numbers and finding form inside chaos. To discover order in the ocean of information that made up the market, he required incredible computer power.

#2 Bodek was a legendary talker. He had risen to the top of the trading world, working first at an elite Chicago firm called Hull Trading, then inside a top secret quantitative derivatives operation at Goldman Sachs. In 2007, he broke out on his own and launched Trading Machines.

#3 Bodek’s team was getting poached by competitors, and he was doing all the work of three employees to keep the ship afloat. He couldn’t do much more, and he needed everyone to pitch in if the firm was going to right itself.

#4 Bodek’s Trading Machines was having a nightmare in 2009. Its profits were dropping sharply. Bodek began to track the Spyder, one of his favorite ETFs, and saw it begin to move downward.