Summary of Tilar J. Mazzeo's Irena's Children

Livre numérique

Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book.

Sample Book Insights:

#1 The story of Poland begins at dusk on a still summer night. A bird sings two beautiful notes, and the family knows they have been waiting for them. They are the words in their language which mean Live here.

#2 Dr. Krzyżanowski was a doctor who specialized in the treatment of tuberculosis. He was a kind man, and he treated everyone kindly. He didn’t care about money, and many people in the Jewish community came to see him.

#3 Irena’s earliest memories were of her father, who doted on her. She grew up with a loving family and a beautiful home, but she also saw the poverty and deprivation that came with it.

#4 In 1916, when Irena was six, her father chose to share in that hardship. That year an epidemic of typhoid fever took hold in Otwock, and the doctor struggled against the disease for weeks before dying on February 10, 1917.