Let the Personality Bloom


The old Greeks said that ”Know yourself” was the best piece of advice you can give another person. Many believe this still holds true today, but how do you do it? The book is based on L. Szondi’s personality theory in a simplified form. Rolf has worked since -75 with personal development. The book gives a stimulating, practical, solid – and quick – support for increased self-knowledge and improved personal development. The book answers questions like:

- What is my core strength?

- What are my strong sides and what possibilities do they provide?

- What are my pitfalls and how can I avoid them?

- How can I use the book to achieve my goals more easily? How can I attain positive personal

development? How can I change to get a better life balance?

Rolf Kenmo, has been a consultant since -72.

His vision is that more people should be blooming.

The HumanGuideÂź-concepts, which are the foundation of the book, are mostly used in Sweden, Switzerland and Brazil.

S-E Ringström, CEO WM-data IT Support AB (today CGI AB):

”I started using the concepts -92 and they have come to great use in recruitment, development of indidiuals and teams.”

Thomas Seiler, CEO, U-blox AG, Switzerland (global user since -04):

”Rolf Kenmo has adapted Szondi’s theory to everyday life. It is a great idea of conveying the theory to a broad readership. That is an essential asset for making the test results immediately accepted and it works in any culture. We use it in recruitment and team development for an internationally operating company.”

Giselle Welter, psychologist, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Spec. in vocational psychology:

” The theory is explained very pedagogically in the book and it is a good support for my clients (since -02), in vocational guidance and in coaching. The reader has great use of the book in working life as well as in private life.”