Summary of Matthew Jervis's How to Entertain, Distract, and Unplug Your Kids

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 When it comes to snow days or rainy weekends, parents are typically frustrated. However, children are excited about the opportunity to miss school, and soon they want to move around.

#2 Rules are important in any activity, and treasure hunting is no different. Make sure that the treasure is hidden well, but not too well. The losers will pressure the winners into hiding their rewards again for another round, so make sure you have enough supplies to last the kids a couple of hours.

#3 It's important to explain to your kids that this is a one-time shot game. You're only hiding X amount of dollars, and if the winner doesn't want to throw their winnings back into play, it's over.

#4 Having a junk drawer is a common feature of American households. It’s a place where we store all our pens, paper clips, and forgotten game pieces. Having a junk drawer is a part of what is considered to be key characteristics of the great American household.