How to Work in Denmark: Updated Edition: Tips on finding a job in Denmark, succeeding in Danish workplace culture, and understanding your Danish boss


Denmark is famous for its work-life balance, and salaries are high. The Danish "flat hierarchy" means that you may find yourself interacting with top management even as a junior employee. Your Danish boss will expect you to be proactive, work independently, and quickly admit mistakes when you make them. This book explains some of these unwritten rules of the Danish workplace, as well as how to find a job in Denmark.

- Is learning to speak Danish necessary?

- How can you promote your skills in a job interview without breaking "The Jante Law"?

- Is it true that Danish bosses encourage you to disagree with them?

- Why is it so important to take a break and eat cake with your colleagues?

- What's it like to be an international boss leading a Danish team?

This is an updated version of the 2018 original "How to Work in Denmark", with three new chapters: "Managing Danes as an International", "Working Together Virtually" and "Denmark vs Sweden, Norway, Germany."