Despair - Power Trilogy (Book 1)


In the quiet suburb of Djursholm in Stockholm a young woman is brutally beaten to death. Criminal Inspector Sanna Johansson and her colleague Kalle Karlsson are assigned to investigate the case, which leads them directly into the exclusive salons of the Swedish upper class. Here we meet Börge Svenson from the venerable Svenson family who lives a double life of unimaginable proportions.

Every weekend, since the murder of her daughter, Susanne Aldhamo gets disguised and ventures out in search of her killer among the busy pubs and bars of Stockholm. But when she finds the person she is looking for will she have the courage to carry out her plan?

Mikaela and Samuel and other passionately engaged youths start an action group called “Rosie the Riveter” to combat violence against women via social media. Their calls to action have unexpected consequences. A media storm soon develops when women begin to describe their experiences on placards for everyone to read. The political fall out tests their friendship to the full.

During their investigation, Sanna Johansson and Kalle Karlsson are met by stiff resistance. Why does their colleague, Anders Segelström, remove evidence? Can Sanna remain objective when she herself has been a victim of assault? And are Kalle Karlsson and her really just work colleagues?

Digging into the past proves a strain for everyone involved and the discovery of long buried secrets is devastating for the upper class family who will stop at nothing to keep up appearances.