Her Fated Mates


I never expected to find a second mate. When my first mate didn’t immediately kill him, I was hopeful—only to have those hopes dashed when their packs turned against us. We were deemed unnatural, a threat, something to be destroyed.?? Now we’re on the run with nowhere to hide.? As if that’s not enough, my old alpha’s obsession with me hasn’t ended. News of my unusual relationship must have reached him by now, but I know he won’t give up. ? I need to figure out what having more than one mate means. The fates don’t do that kind of thing lightly, so it’s up to the three of us to find out why we were chosen. ? An oracle is our only hope, a wise woman who can help us, but only if we can get to her before either of the packs finds us. And, hopefully, without me mating with any more wolves on the way...? If you love the adventure of Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson series and the passion of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, you'll love House of Wolves and Magic!? Get swept away by this reverse-harem urban-fantasy romantic adventure!?

UpplÀsare: Elise Arsenault