Sleepy Dinosaurs, The – Bedtime Stories for Kids: Short Bedtime Stories to Help Your Children & Toddlers Fall Asleep and Relax! Great Dinosaur Fantasy Stories to Dream about all Night!


Indulge Your Child’s Imagination & Sense of Adventure While Creating Lasting Memories with the Sleepy Dinosaurs Storybook!

Children see the world in kaleidoscope colors. As adults, nurturing their imagination is crucial for their success in both school and life.

Hundreds of research conclude that listening to books with your child before they go to bed does wonders for their creativity, empathy, stress levels, and vocabulary! So, why not make it even more fun and magical?

Master storyteller Hannah Watson’s audiobook, “The Sleepy Dinosaurs”, talks about a wonderful, magical world filled with life-long friendships and amazing adventures. When you and your child snuggle and listen to these stories together, you will be taken on an enchanted ride alongside mythical creatures, friendly misunderstood monsters, and so much more!

“The Sleepy Dinosaurs” is a wonderful collection of short bedtime stories to help your children and toddlers fall asleep and relax, while dreaming about great dinosaur fantasies all night!

In this magical audiobook, you and your child will:

• Enjoy a fun yet relaxing time together as your most fantastical dreams come to life page after wonderful page

• Engage in conversation and exploration as you listen to every character and their equally amazing friends

• Have a peaceful, deep sleep, safe with the knowledge that the world isn’t too bad after all, especially when mom and dad are here

• And so much more!

Listening to bed time stories with your child every night is one of the many joys in a parent’s life. Not only will you be creating wonderful memories to look back on in the future, but you will also be cultivating your child’s sense of wonder and discovery, as well as their vocabulary!

So make it more colorful and enjoyable with “The Sleepy Dinosaurs”!

Uppläsare: Hannah Watson