SMART Time Management for Doctors: Discover How to Control Your Day and Unlock 30 Hours of Lost Time in a Month


It’s time to control your time!

You work in a profession where, despite your best efforts to plan your working week, your daily activities are often dictated by circumstance rather than strategy. You are sick of the constant juggle and live with an ever-present undercurrent of stress. You simply don’t have enough time. And time for a quality life outside work? Forget it!

You know that something needs to change so that you can continue to be a great doctor and live a more integrated work-life. Imagine if you could gain control over your time.

Best-selling author Kate Christie will help you invest your time to find your lost time. Smart Time Management for Doctors provides a proven five-step process along with practical and easy-to-implement productivity strategies to help you identify and harness 30 hours of lost time a month.

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