The Best Books by Leo Tolstoy


Nothing is better than a great book. And, if it is a foreign book? Even better! You can learn a lot from reading books in your target language. You can benefit from a book’s message and equally from its language. In other words, a book can improve your way of life and your language learning at the same time. So, what’s the best way to read a book in your target language? A language is not only grammar and vocabulary. A language is a completely different lens on the world. This means that when you’re reading a book in another language, the text is not only content but also shape. The words and expressions that were chosen by the author can be a great source of instruction both in language learning, and in giving you a new view of the world. Leo Tolstoy books are the best option for you. It is better to find great opportunities for reading in the much more classy way. Leo Tolstoy was a famous novelist in Russia. Below are the list of top books by Leo Tolstoy. Even novices can follow along as each individual English paragraph is paired with the corresponding Russian paragraph. It won't be an easy project, but you'll learn a lot. Albert - Bilingual Edition (English - Russian) A Morning of a Landed Proprietor - Bilingual Edition (English - Russian) Anna Karenina - Bilingual Edition (English - Russian) Hadji Murad - Bilingual Edition (English - Russian) Resurrection - Bilingual Edition (English - Russian) The Cossacks - Bilingual Edition (English - Russian) The Death of Ivan Il'ich - Bilingual Edition (English - Russian) Two Hussars - Bilingual Edition (English - Russian) War and Peace - Bilingual Edition (English - Russian)