The Dawn of Fury (2 of 3) [Dramatized Adaptation]


Nathan Stone returns to his Virginia home to discover that the horrors of the Civil War are not over; his family has been wiped out, and their home burned by seven renegades. Nathan swears an oath on his father's grave to find and kill each of the men responsible. He begins a lonely journey that will take him south and west, on a vengeance trail that crosses the paths of some infamous figures, including “Wild Bill” Hickok, Roy Bean, and Frank & Jesse James. Along the way, Nathan Stone becomes one of the greatest gunslingers of the time, handing out bloody justice to the men who took his family.

UpplÀsare: A Full Cast UpplÀsare: Bobby Aselford UpplÀsare: Casie Platt UpplÀsare: Catherine Aselford UpplÀsare: Christopher Graybill UpplÀsare: Christopher Scheeren UpplÀsare: Danny Gavigan UpplÀsare: David Coyne UpplÀsare: Dylan Lynch UpplÀsare: Elizabeth Jernigan UpplÀsare: James Konicek UpplÀsare: James Lewis UpplÀsare: Joe Brack UpplÀsare: Joseph Thornhill UpplÀsare: Ken Jackson UpplÀsare: Kimberly Gilbert UpplÀsare: Lily Beacon UpplÀsare: Michael Glenn UpplÀsare: Michael John Casey UpplÀsare: Mort Shelby UpplÀsare: Nanette Savard UpplÀsare: Richard Rohan UpplÀsare: Scott McCormick UpplÀsare: Terence Aselford UpplÀsare: Thomas Keegan UpplÀsare: Tim Carlin UpplÀsare: Tim Getman UpplÀsare: Tony Nam UpplÀsare: Yasmin Tuazon