Kindred Tales

Two sisters, both born with a Gift... Samantha leads lost spirits home, Hanna can see Beyond the Veil But both are in terrible danger... Are you ready for two Spicy and Spooky Kindred Tales in one book? Get ready for Wicked and Wild... In "Possessed by the Wulven," Sam's ghost-hunting mission collides with skeptic R'orn, creating sparks of annoyance and attraction. She's stuck with the huge Kindred warrior in a haunted inn, one room, and a single bed-temptation rises. But when spirits take control, passions ignite...and enemies might just become lovers. In "Guarded by the Ghost," Hanna's curse attracts a terrifying Dark Entity, leading her to a ghostly Kindred protector, Wraith. Together, they face a sinister force that hungers for her soul. Can enemies turned lovers survive the shadows that threaten their very existence? Explore these tales of paranormal romance, where love, danger, and the supernatural intertwine in a haunting journey beyond the veil. Will Sam, Hanna, and their Kindred Protectors conquer the darkness that surrounds them? You'll have to read this Enemies to Lovers, Touch her and Die, Only one Bed, Spicy Shifter and Ghost Romance, Wicked and Wild, to find out! Author's Note--my heroines are threatened and in danger in parts of these two novellas but I promise things work out in the end. As always, please read responsibly.